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Expandable, Secure Unified Storage

Seamless expansion with DynamicRAID and thin provisioning

Save on IT Management resources with dynamic volume creation and reduce costs with "just-in-time" storage acquisition


  • Mix and match drives with ease and without wasting space
  • Create volumes in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Capacity is easily added to volumes without business disruption or downtime
  • Volumes can shrink and grow independently
  • Reduce acquisition costs and manage growth through "just-intime" storage acquisition

Unified storage

Cost effectively manage multi-protocol data.


  • Manage file level and block level access with a unified storage appliance
  • Reduce total cost of ownership

Advanced security

Seamlessly integrate into your existing corporate infrastructure for authentication and authorization of all users and systems.


  • SnapServers can be integrated with existing Windows® Active Directory domains or UNIX® with NIS® or LDAP
  • Control access to entire SnapServer volumes or more granularly to folders within SnapServer volumes