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Backup & Archiving Solutions

SnapServer® Family (XSD & XSR)

Backup solution

SnapServer is certified with a range of 3rd party backup software for data backup and protection.

VEEAM Backup:

  • VEEAM Data Mover Service running on SnapServer allows for efficient backups as the service allows VEEAM to distribute the data processing load between the Backup server and SnapServer

Veritas Backup Exec and Veritas NetBackup:

  • Backup SnapServer, full/incremental
  • Direct backup of SnapServer to locally attached tape library (D2T)

Tape integration

Customers can transfer primary data on SnapServer directly to tape for archiving and long term retention.


  • Tape Integration with the "NEO" agility appliance, enables customers to transfer SnapServer data to any tape library in LTFS format for long term retention and archiving.

RDX® integration

Automatic data protection solution that is easy to deploy and meets off-site compliance requirements.


  • Off-site compliance with the RDX removable media
  • Copy directly from SnapServer to RDX® QuikStor™ using the SnapServer GUI
  • Automatic scheduling of Backups from the SnapServer to multiple RDX QuikStors using the SnapServer GUI - daily, weekly or monthly with data verification and versioning