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When Scalability Isn't Just a Benefit - It's a Requirement

From the small business to the enterprise organization, one of the critical day-to-day data center challenges to combat is managing an ever increasing volume of data. With the exponential growth in email, web and offline information, making the right storage decision with expansion in mind is key to saving money and time.

Overland Storage creates flexible, easy-to-manage systems for expert planning and deployment of business continuity - guaranteeing that your storage choice is ready to grow with your business when you need it to.

Comparison Chart

Product Summary Connected expansion chassis Connected expansion chassis Connected expansion chassis
Supported Platform SnapServer XSR 120, SnapServer XSR 40, SnapServer DX1, SnapServer DX2 SnapSAN 3000, SnapSAN 5000 SnapSAN S1000
Form Factor 2U rackmount 2U rackmount 2U rackmount
Drives Supported in Unit 12 12 12
Total Capacity Up to 120TB per expansion enclosure Up to 48TB per expansion enclosure Up to 48TB per expansion enclosure
Drives Types Supported Enterprise class SATA III, SAS 3.0 and SSD SSD, SAS, Nearline SAS, Encrypted SAS SAS & SATA Desktop and Enterprise: Enterprise Class SATA-II or Enterprise Class SAS
Expansion Array Interface SAS SAS SAS