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Replication Technologies

Always Protected, Highly Secured, Cloud Integrated.

Snap Encrypted Continuous Replication (Snap ECR™) is a secure continuous data replication providing a Disaster Recovery solution for SMB's and Enterprises at no additional cost as it is part of Snap Storage.

Replicate, Protect, Restore.

Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (Snap EDR™) can replicate and distribute your data on a global scale to SnapServers in remote offices or aggregate backups from branch offices back to a corporate data center.

SnapStorage has three replication technologies optimized for specific workloads:

  1. Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (Snap EDR) - Replication (1:1, N:1) and Distribution (1:N) in a distributed enterprise. For details see Snap EDR tab above.
  2. Snap Encrypted Continuous Replication (Snap ECR) - Continuous Replication (1:1, N:1) with near zero data loss. For details see Snap ECR tab above.

Snap Enterprise Continuous Replication™ Overview

Product Description Replicate data at wire speed, efficiently and securely.
Snap ECR with its continuous data replication enables Business Continuity with near zero data loss (RPO). Snap ECR can replicate data at wire speed between Snap Storage environments: SnapServer and SnapCLOUD
High Performance Continuous replication at wire speed for a broad range of workloads including millions of files and deep directory structures using multi-streams.
Bandwidth Efficient Replicates changed data only.
Secure data replication
  • Strong authentication between replication hosts utilizing digital certificates
  • Military grade secure over-the-wire encryption with 4096 bit keys
  • No VPN necessary
Bandwidth Throttling Allows user to manage the bandwidth used by replication which maybe be necessary especially in a WAN Scenario
Hybrid cloud Disaster Recovery solution Easy to deploy and manage a hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution with on-premise SnapServer and SnapCLOUD and do it without a VPN
Ease of Configuration Guardian OS Web Management interface with step by step configuration
Ease of Management Performance monitoring and statistics reporting for replication optimization

Snap Enterprise Data Replicator™ Overview

Product Description Replicate. Protect. Restore.
Snap EDR enables replication between SnapServers, Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OSX Servers. Snap EDR keeps your data secure over the wire and makes it easy to restore in the event of primary data loss or data corruption.

Reports  Replicate  Dashboard  Remote Restore

EDR Datasheet Click here to view the EDR Datasheet
Efficient Byte-level incremental file replication with compression and schedule-based bandwidth throttling. Multi-streaming transfers up to four files simultaneously using the same bandwidth.
Fault Tolerant WAN optimized with check-pointing: if link is broken, the replication job resumes where it left off.
Multi-Platform Support Replicate between SnapServer NAS, Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OSX Servers. Move files seamlessly between OS platform types and preserve file attributes, such as access rights and ownership.
Single Management Interface The centralized, browser-based Snap EDR management console can schedule and run hundreds of replication jobs across thousands of servers simultaneously.
Schedule Based Replication Minimize transfer times by scheduling replication jobs during off-peak hours, with up-to-the-minute scheduling granularity.
Scalable Start small and replicate files between two servers with Snap EDR Express or aggregate and distribute files with the Snap EDR Standard agents in a one to many or many to one replication environment.
Security Snap EDR agents provide strong authentication utilizing digital certificates. Employ up to 256-bit over-the-wire encryption with digital signatures for proof of delivery.

Replication Technologies - Workloads & Use Cases


Snap EDR

Enterprise Data Replicator

Snap ECR

Encrypted Continuous Replication
Snap Storage Supported SnapServer
Workload Most Suited
  • Distributed Enterprise Replication & Distribution
  • Business Continuity Near zero data loss
Primary Differentiated Use Cases Scheduled Replication between multiple platforms for Backup Near Continuous Replication between Snap Storage for Disaster Recovery

Replication Technologies - Key Technical Specifications


Snap EDR

Enterprise Data Replicator

Snap ECR

Encrypted Continuous Replication
Snap Storage Supported SnapServer
OS Platforms Supported Windows, Linux, Unix,
Mac OS, Guardian OS
  • Guardian OS (SnapServer)
  • Guardian OS (SnapCLOUD)
Encrypted Yes Yes
Uses Changed Block Tracking No Yes
Only Changes Replicated Yes Yes
Optimum Work Load Smaller # of files Any number of files
Max Performance ~ 28 MB/s Wire Speed (1GbE - 100 MB/s)
Scheduling Full
  • Bandwidth usage control
  • Time scheduling (future)
Preserve Folder Permissions Yes Yes
Cost to the Customer $0-Included with SnapStorage $0-Included with SnapStorage