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With DynamicRAID, remove the need to be concerned with storage provisioning.  Install a SnapServer® with any amount of initial storage and simply add more capacity over time by adding or replacing drives.  All SnapServer hard drives contribute to an easy to manage storage pool that can be allocated into volumes for different departments, users or applications.  The SnapServer volumes reside in the storage pool and share the amount of available storage, which eliminates the need to set volume limits or monitor volume capacities.  DynamicRAID gives a truly provisioning-free storage administration experience.


  • Limitless volume creation in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Capacity is easily added to volumes without business disruption or downtime
  • Volumes can shrink and grow independently – no volume migration


  • All the benefits of thin provisioning without risk of data loss when real capacity no longer exists
  • Reduce acquisition costs & manage growth through “just-in-time” storage acquisition
  • Improve – even double – storage utilization

Let SnapServer optimize your data protection and capacity with DynamicRAID.  Select from single or dual parity during SnapServer configuration and simply add as much storage as you need.  Pay as you go by adding drives at any time to expand available storage.  New drives will be integrated into existing DynamicRAID arrays and be near instantly available.  Take advantage of larger drives when they become available by replacing smaller drives.

Why thinly provision, when you can avoid provisioning altogether with the SnapServer DX Series™ and DynamicRAID.  DynamicRAID removes the association between storage volumes and hard drives.  All SnapServer drives are aggregated together to create a large storage pool on which the volumes reside.  Each volume can grow and shrink at will and have no capacity limits.  When volume capacities reach the storage pool capacity, administrators can simply add new drives to empty slots or replace small drives with larger ones and storage volumes will grow automatically.

SnapServer GuardianOS® & DynamicRAID: A Winning Combination

  • Depending on your storage requirements, choose a SnapServer DX1 or SnapServer DX2
  • Pick your drive type
  • Mix and match drive capacities
  • Utilize SAS, SATA-II Enterprise or Desktop drives
  • Grow beyond the box with the SnapExpansion


  • Pay as you grow; save money now and over time
  • No crystal ball needed to predict future storage needs
  • Flexibility to replace, expand and upsize total storage to 288TB
  • Combines best of each RAID level with single or dual parity
  • Ability to take advantage of mixed drive capacities = no wasted space
  • Storage is drawn into common pools for easy management