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Every business in today’s data-intensive world is faced with increasing data storage requirements and the challenges associated with effectively managing that data. Most companies recognize the importance of backing up frequently used data onto disk or the Cloud, and storing less frequently used data on tape for archive and disaster recovery applications. However, for some users, the process of creating, storing, retrieving and sharing large data sets can be costly and cumbersome and need help bridging that gap.

Enter NEO Agility™, providing users with the ability to effortlessly manage, share and protect valuable data files utilizing the exciting LTFS technology. Providing archiving capability that is complementary to the backup process, NEO Agility allows users to capitalize on the reliability, portability and affordability of tape-based storage while benefiting from the ease of data access associated with disk-based storage.

With This Product You Can:

  • Lower your cost of storage
  • Increase the efficiency of your primary storage
  • Easily and quickly store and retrieve up to 720TB* of data
  • Effortlessly share files between individuals, organizations or locations
  • Archive data on WORM cartridges for regulatory compliance requirements
  • Facilitate exchange of data between primary storage and archive systems



Provides Easy Access to Files

Even though archived files may be physically located on tape, users have convenient access to the data. Files appear in the OS directory tree structure just as if they were located on the primary storage. Because LTO cartridges contained in the NEO Agility solution are selfdescribing, they contain all the file system information needed to recover data and can be easily transferred between archive systems.


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Familiar File System User Interface

NEO Agility presents a familiar user interface allowing files to be easily moved to and from the client computer and NEO tape library with simple “drag & drop” actions across the network.


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Provides Cost-Effective NAS Storage

Being able to access your NEO Series tape library as a NAS share allows easy exchange of data between primary and archive storage. Because NEO Agility allows you to easily archive data off to tape, even though it appears as if the archive is on disk, the content needing to be stored is minimized, providing the IT Administrator with the bandwidth needed to focus on other activities.


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Superior Compatibility

Files stored on NEO Agility are immediately available to your file system and other applications. NEO Agility accepts all file types which are then presented in a Windows file/folder structure. Files are transferred to/from the archive locally or using either the standard Windows network protocol or FTP file transfers. NEO Agility can also be connected with a SAN via fibre channel. In addition, NEO Agility provides an object storage interface using an XML API. These interface options mean that NEO Agility effortlessly works with a variety of applications natively and can provide third party applications with the ability to control and monitor the archive system.


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Replication of Data

NEO Agility software automatically can automatically replicate LTO cartridges that may have been exported from the NEO Series library for off-site retention, providing strong data protection and disaster recovery.


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Frees Up Expensive Primary Storage

With NEO Agility, there’s no need to clutter up expensive primary storage space with files you may not need frequently or instantaneously. The ease of use of NEO Agility means you can effortlessly move data to tape while still having rapid and reliable access to that data as needed. By providing support for LTFS and TAR formats, NEO Agility also avoids costly vendor lock-in and proprietary formats.


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Simplified Installation and Use

Setting up a NEO Agility appliance is as simple as plugging it in and connecting it to your host and your NEO tape library. Minimizing the use of IT resources to setup and manage the NEO Agility solution means cost of ownership is reduced and users can quickly begin sharing and archiving important data. Alert modules contained within NEO Agility provide email and on-screen alerts which can be tailored to specific IT personnel requirements. Additionally, reporting can be configured to provide information on files contained on any cartridge, improving the useability and reducing the load on busy IT personnel.


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Flexible Storage Capacities

Grow into, not out of, your storage. Both NEO Agility and its compatible NEO Series tape libraries scale to meet your particular data storage needs. And because you can utilize your NEO Series library for both NEO Agility archive and traditional backup activities, the flexibility and efficiency of your NEO solution provides the ultimate in investment protection. Unlike other more basic LTFS solutions, NEO Agility supports LTO cartridge spanning, preventing archive operations from being limited by the capacity of the LTO cartridges. And with NEO Agility’s ability to manage an unlimited number of offline cartridges, the capacity of the NEO Agility archive becomes infinite.


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Tape Library Compatibility

NEO Agility is optimized to be used with Overland Storage NEOs T48, NEOxl80 and NEO 8000e tape libraries. However, it also it supports other NEO Series tape libraries (i.e. NEOs StorageLoader) as well as tape libraries sourced from other vendors. This provides NEO Agility customers with the ultimate in flexibility by enabling the advantages NEO Agility brings to their archiving and data sharing applications without requiring changes to their environment if they do not yet benefit from the use of a NEO Series tape library.


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NEO Agility 160 Technical Specifications

NEO Agility 160
Front View

NEO Agility 160 Specifications

Software NEO Agility server software
Operating system Standard Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition
Processor Intel Xeon 6-core processor; 1.6GHz/2.4GHz
System Disk 8xSAS
Disk Cache 8.4TB
Network connections 10GB Ethernet standard
Connections to library 8Gb FC
Number of power supplies 2 power supplies standard
Power 700 watts, redundancy
Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Humidity 20 to 80%
Dimensions 1u; W-17.2” (437mm) x H+1.7” (43mm) x D_25.6” (650mm) /23.5” (597mm)
Weight 46 lbs.
Rack rails Included
Standard warranty 1 year Silver NBD (hardware
1 year telephone support (software)




NEO Agility 160 Archive Appliance: 1u/8.4TB cache/8 SAS drives/RAID 5, 10GbE interface, FC library interface, supports up to 160 cartridges, unlimited tape drive support, redundant power
NEO Agility Slot Upgrade (Level 1): 80-slot tape capacity license upgrade (560 slots max)
NEO Agility Slot Upgrade (Level 2): 80-slot tape capacity license upgrade (561-1000 slots max)

Support Options

NEO Agility Warranties
EW-SLVAG1601U OverlandCare Silver Warranty Coverage, 1 year uplift
EW-TAGL11U OverlandCare Telephone Support, 1 year uplift
EW-TAGL21U OverlandCare Telephone Support, 1 year uplift
EW-GLDAG1601U OverlandCare Gold Warranty Coverage, 1 year uplift
EW-PLTAG1601U OverlandCare Platinum Warranty Coverage, 1 year uplift
EW-SLVAG1603U OverlandCare Silver Warranty Coverage, 3 year uplift
EW-TAGL13U OverlandCare Telephone Support, 3 year uplift
EW-TAGL23U OverlandCare Telephone Support, 3 year uplift
EW-GLDAG1603U OverlandCare Gold Warranty Coverage, 3 year uplift
EW-PLTAG1603U OverlandCare Platinum Warranty Coverage, 3 year uplift

NEO Agility 160
NEO Agility L1 Upgrade
NEO Agility L2 Upgrade
NEO Agility 160
NEO Agility 160
NEO Agility 160
NEO Agility L1 Upgrade
NEO Agility L2 Upgrade
NEO Agility 160
NEO Agility 160
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Your data protection needs are dynamic and rapidly changing and you require a flexible, cost-effective long-term data protection solution