January 13, 2012 | Posted by Peri Grover, Director of Product Marketing

In a recent two-part article I talked about the five ways in which storing data on tape can improve your organization’s bottom line—when it comes to cost-effectively storing data long-term and being able to recover a historical version of a file or data set, tape storage is the medium of choice.  Here are the five reasons:

  1. Tape keeps capital expenditures and operating expenses down
  2. Tape is the most reliable medium for disaster recovery
  3. Tape has the capacity and speed to handle nonstop data growth and requires little to no human intervention
  4. Tape storage is portable and allows businesses to easily move and store data offsite
  5. Tape is adaptable to changing business demands and data center technologies

You can find the full article here: Top Five Ways that Storing Data on Tape Improves your Bottom Line Read more…

December 14, 2011 | Posted by Joe Disher, Manager, WW Applications and Solutions Engineering

You may be familiar with the story of a girl named Dorothy, who, when walking her dog near her farmhouse, suddenly finds herself whirling around in the center of a cyclone.  Next thing she knows she’s fighting off swarms of flying monkeys and melting witches. Just as with the classic Oz story, when disasters strike they typically happen suddenly and unpredictably and if you’re not adequately prepared, all you’ll want to do is go home and hope it was all a dream.

Disasters – the kind that make you wish you had ruby slippers – affect all types of businesses irrespective of size, industry or complexity of your datacenter and virtually all businesses are at some risk of data loss or downtime due to disaster. Think for a moment about how much your business depends on access to and availability of data. Preparing for how to effectively respond to these downtime events is crucial. Read more…

November 18, 2011 | Posted by Joe Disher, Manager, WW Applications and Solutions Engineering

If you manage storage, you know that data storage should be easy to manage and that less management means a savings of your time and your company’s money. As the manager for Applications and Solutions Engineering at Overland, I constantly think about how we can save businesses money and make storage managers’ lives easier.

It’s probably not a surprise to you that most businesses today are experiencing unprecedented data growth unlike anything seen before. Responding to exploding storage needs and predicting future growth is becoming extremely challenging. At the same time, storage requirements are becoming more complex for a variety of reasons, including time-draining volume management and monitoring. Perhaps most frustratingly, the majority of IT budgets aren’t keeping up. Read more…

Overland has a saying: effortless data. And that means that our most important goal is to deliver simple, cost-effective storage solutions to our customers. We appreciate our customers and partners and how they continue to support us – however most of them don’t get an inside look into how we came up with the solutions that live in their offices and datacenters. Well, we’re excited to do that with the Overland Storage blog! It’s the destination to learn more about everything happening here at Overland – including product and company news, marketplace trends, technical insights, best practices for customers and everything in between.

To kick things off, I’d like to share with you some announcements that we’re excited about: