July 24, 2012 | Joe Disher, Director of Product Marketing – Disk Products

The NEWEST SnapSANNo matter how big (or small) a company is or how much data is being stored, performance and data access remain key issues for every IT department. While common in high-end enterprise level solutions, features such as high availability, automated tiering and redundancy are not available or are costly add-ons in smaller solutions, making them too expensive or ineffective for SMBs or smaller enterprise companies.

We just announced two new SnapSANs – the SnapSAN 3000 and 5000. These new SnapSANs represent a key point of innovation as they include enterprise level features and functionality at a price point not found in comparable products. Specifically designed for high performance computing, the SnapSAN 5000 is the first SnapSAN to deliver SSD (solid state drive) acceleration for advanced high availability.

Companies of any size with virtualization, private cloud and compliance environments can now utilize advanced high availability and automated tiering in order to better align application-driven performance and uptime requirements within their IT environments.

So, how can companies best utilize the new SnapSAN with SSD capabilities? Read more…

May 14, 2012 | Posted by By Peri Grover, Director of Product Marketing

With data growing at unprecedented rates and new storage technologies continually being developed, IT administrators are always looking to balance what they need now versus what they’ll need tomorrow.  This problem is no different when it comes to deploying a tape library for long-term data backup, archive and disaster recovery needs. If you’re considering data archive, here’s what you should really be thinking about: linear tape open (LTO) technology. LTO is a high-speed, high-capacity and extremely reliable tape storage technology that‘s readily available, extremely cost-effective and super compact – perfect for long-term storage of corporate data.

As a leader in data storage technologies and solutions, Overland Storage was first to announce the availability of LTO-5 tape libraries with the launch of LTO-5 in the NEO E-Series enterprise-class solutions in Feb. 2010. A few months later, we announced expanded support for LTO-5 across our entire NEO Series tape libraries. As LTO technology evolves with more speed and features, next-generation LTO technology integration continues to be a priority for us. Read more…

April 12, 2012 | Posted by By Andy Walsky, EMEA VP of Sales

ALBAWe hear from companies every day who are facing the challenge of growing amounts of data and need to find a cost-effective and secure solution for storing all that data. With data center space being finite compared to the infinite ability for data to grow, companies must find a solution that will stand the test of time.

Recently, we worked with one of our Spanish partners, Flytech, to help Alba Synchrotron, a research and light facility based in Barcelona Spain, address its growing storage demands.

ALBA Synchrotron allows scientists from all over the world to carry out cutting-edge experiments across all scientific fields, from material stress tests in manufacturing to bone growth analysis. With each detector at ALBA able to produce up to 300MB/per second of raw data, and with tests lasting several minutes at a time, there is an enormous amount of data output per experiment. The facility is designed to run up to 30 experiments simultaneously, so data management and growth are a constant challenge. Read more…

February 15, 2012 | Posted by Jillian Mansolf, Vice President – Worldwide Sales and Marketing

Social MediaLast year an engineer by the name of Dan Tinsley (on an iPhone thousands of miles away in London) tweeted at Overland Storage about how he used Overland products and—in less than 140 characters—unknowingly changed my opinion forever about the value of using social media for businesses. Earlier that day and back in the States, we had shared a link to an article via Twitter about a storage topic, as we had done many times before. That day’s shared story involved a distributed enterprise IT environment and its failed data recovery. In our tweet we highlighted the importance of replication and snapshots as part of a good BCDR strategy.

Overland Storage (@OverlandStorage)
Overheard a horror story re: distributed enterprise IT environment and recovery. Think replication and snapshots, folks bit.ly/qR2I1p

After reading our tweet, Dan reached out to us directly in a way that was never possible before the advent of social media. He used Twitter to reply back and gave us insight into what he thinks as a customer. Since there’s nothing more important to us than learning what our customers think about Overland products and how they’re using them, we were excited to read his tweet: Read more…