Integrating SnapServer NAS into Existing Corporate Security Environments

12/8/2014 | Posted by Jeremy Zuber, Sphere 3D

Managing user access to shared storage in multi-platform environments can be daunting even for the most experienced IT professionals, however standardizing on a single storage platform for the sake of simplicity can be constricting to users and prevent the adoption of new and better technologies as they become available.

Since operating systems differ in their usability, resiliency and optimized use cases, it makes sense that system administrators have their preferences when it comes to which client and server operating systems to deploy.  Not only are individual operating systems purpose-built for what they are good at, but administrator training and experience play a role as well.

The SnapServer® XSR Series with GuardianOS® from Sphere 3D solves the issues behind storage security management by providing a common interface with cross-platform security options. SnapServers support file access in Windows, UNIX and Apple networks as well as access via FTP and HTTP. The cross-platform features of the SnapServer GuardianOS make it ideal for file sharing and collaboration while providing security integration on the most basic or complex networks.

For instance, many administrators are cautious of integrating non-Windows based operating systems into existing Active Directory security environments.  SnapServer is the only non-Windows NAS that supports native Active Directory permissions—it will emulate a Windows security environment by syncing with all of the Windows access control lists (ACL’s).  No other NAS manufacturer can claim the deep integration of SnapServers into Windows environments.  For instance, SnapServers have a proprietary operating system that is optimized for NAS, and the same security integration as a native Windows based NAS.

Once configured, SnapServer’s GuardianOS will accept Microsoft Networking users and groups that are part of the domain, and they can be granted (or denied) access rights for the SnapServer network shares.  After joining the domain, the SnapServer imports and then maintains a current list of the users and groups on the domain. Thus, administrators must use the Windows interface on the domain controller to make modifications to users or group accounts. Changes made to the domain controller will appear automatically on the SnapServer.

Combining the deep integration within the Windows Active Directory, SnapServer administrators can also take advantage of AccuGuard®, a Windows-based backup and recovery software optimized for RDX QuikStor™ removable media drives. AccuGuard is an easy-to-deploy solution that protects physical and virtual Windows servers and desktops. AccuGuard data protection software delivers reliable, automated backup and recovery utilizing a powerful data deduplication engine designed to increase your effective storage capacity, allowing you to store up to 20 times more data.

Currently, customers have no better choice for Windows server environments than SnapServer NAS with Guardian OS – the most secure, most scalable and the most integrated shared storage in the industry.  Combine that with AccuGuard and RDX, and administrators have an incredibly robust and simple backup and disaster recovery to make sure crucial business data always remains available.


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