Cloud is a Business Strategy

5/14/2013 | Posted by Mike Alvarado, Overland Storage

On-demand computing has been adopted because continuous access to data best supports the needs of global business operations. Vendors with specific equipment and software combinations portray their wares as the exclusive path to adopt. Nothing could be less truthful.  Cloud is a choice about business strategy not about equipment.

The Cloud is, and should be, understood as a platform for meeting the evolving requirements of global business. There are essential components that enable this outcome:

  • on-demand scalability of resources,
  • simplified and personalized access to resources; that is radically different but a much better way of minimizing deployment disruptions, and
  • a far easier methodology (at least in theory) for planning and budgeting spending.

Essential Guidance for Cloud Success Aligning IT strategy with cloud operational and financial frameworks is genuinely beneficial. It enables properly focusing internal data center infrastructure, external hosting operations or the mix of internal and external (AKA hybrid) to drive the right cultural shifts. The exercise of alignment also communicates different priorities and new ways of operating. Don’t let the siren song from vendors about their cloud configurations detract from achieving the objective of re-engineering operational models to base future plans and strategies on delivering dynamic, on-demand and self-service IT.

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