Storage Clustering - The Next Big Technology to Embrace after Virtualization

5/1/2013 | Posted by Mike Alvarado, Overland Storage

Server virtualization galvanized advancements in information technology in the last fifteen years. Widespread adoption of server and other virtualization helped create systems that easily expand, self-manage and adapt IT to better respond to changing workloads at lower unit cost. Vendors created a lot of supporting technology further enhancing and extending virtualization. The next ten years should demonstrate more and even greater benefit from investing in virtualization.

Server virtualization by itself, however, does not solely solve the challenge of building flexible IT infrastructures that today’s business environment demand. Storage clustering enables joining resources to work together to deliver numerous valuable capabilities: high availability, failover, on-demand provision, load-balancing and seamless deployment of resources. Storage clustering dynamically aligns workloads thereby enabling organizations to assure operational effectiveness and efficiency.

IT systems users would be wise to make sure their storage vendors are experts in clustering technology, systems management of clustered resources and deployment methodologies and product packaging. And we are just in Phase One of the storage clustering revolution. Just as with networking, personal computing and server virtualization, storage clustering will experience multiple evolutions while industry learns how to deliver more and better solutions based on storage clustering.

The bottom line: find a storage clustering technology leader and work with them to create new and revitalized data management systems for a better, brighter tomorrow.

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