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12/8/2014 | Posted by Jeremy Zuber, Sphere 3D Managing user access to shared storage in multi-platform environments can be daunting even for the most experienced IT professionals, however standardizing on a single storage platform for the sake of simplicity can be constricting to users and prevent the adoption of new and better technologies as they [...]

8/27/2014 | Posted by Mike Alvarado, Overland Storage In an earlier blog, I argued for changing the understanding of cloud to be less about the technology of cloud and focusing more on cloud as an extension of strategy. The challenge is how to get consensus within an organization. How to develop the set of principles [...]

5/29/2013 | Posted by Mike Alvarado, Overland Storage Effective information and data management requires continual improvement. Today’s best practices and procedures were built over time. Yet, the only constant is change. Regularly updating, pruning and jettisoning practices is necessary for corporations to keep up with opportunities and challenges. In this regard, here are five data management traps and what to [...]