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Whether you're considering the SnapScale custered NAS solution or one of our SnapServer NAS systems, a very real storage challenge for many organizations is understanding how existing technology can meet their data growth needs. From the large organization with rapid-fire capacity expansion needs to the smaller business that's looking to cost-effectively meet storage planning demands, Overland Storage has the right mix of performance and scalability for you – calculate your capacity advantages with one of our solution calculators and see why.

SnapScale X2
Scale to high density with the SnapScale X4 clustered NAS. Add storage on the fly without disruption or downtime, all in an easy to manage global namespace. Calculate your capacity configuration with the SnapScale X4 storage calculator.
SnapServer DX2
High performance and scalable 2U NAS. With DynamicRAID, hard drives can be added or replaced at any time to add capacity. Do the math – calculate SnapServer DX2 capacity advantages now.
SnapScale X2
Infinitely scalable clustered NAS with superior capacity that is simple to deploy and easy to manage. Scale-up or Scale-out under a single global namespace. Ready to calculate your storage advantages with SnapScale?
SnapServer DX1
Cost effective, scalable 1U NAS. Start small and add drives as needed. Scale up to 120TB of storage protected by DynamicRAID. See the SnapServer DX1 capacity in action with the SnapServer calculator.
Highly available. Superior flexibility. Ultimate performance. SnapSAN delivers non-stop storage services for even the most demanding applications. Learn more about how this level of SAN scalability can maximize your data environment.