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Simple. Intuitive. Effective.
Building upon our foundation of storage expertise and relentless innovation, Overland offers a powerful set of software tools that help you to store, manage, and protect your data with greater ease and power. Whether you’re integrating a new SnapScale X2 cluster into your Windows domain, sending or receiving data across multiple locations, or viewing the current status of all your Overland devices, our software is simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and effective for the task.

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Snap Enterprise Data Replicator™ Overview

Product Description Replicate. Protect. Restore.
Increase the reliability of remote data protection with the powerful features of Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (Snap EDR). With Snap EDR you can easily replicate and distribute your data on a global scale to SnapServers in remote offices, or aggregate backups from branch offices back to a corporate data center. Snap EDR keeps your data secure over the wire and easy to restore at the disaster recovery site. Automate your disaster recovery plan and guarantee that data is transferred with the advanced reporting capability. Snap EDR offers an easy disaster recover solution for distributed enterprises or small offices. Make sure you are protected today by installing Snap EDR on your SnapServer NAS and other network servers.

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Efficient Byte-level incremental file replication with compression and schedule-based bandwidth throttling. Multi-streaming transfers up to four files simultaneously using the same bandwidth.
Fault Tolerant WAN optimized with check-pointing: if link is broken, the replication job resumes where it left off.
Multi-Platform Support Replicate between SnapServer NAS, Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OSX Servers. Move files seamlessly between OS platform types and preserve file attributes, such as access rights and ownership.
Single Management Interface The centralized, browser-based Snap EDR management console can schedule and run hundreds of replication jobs across thousands of servers simultaneously.
Schedule Based Replication Minimize transfer times by scheduling replication jobs during off-peak hours, with up-to-the-minute scheduling granularity.
Scalable Start small and replicate files between two servers with Snap EDR Express or aggregate and distribute files with the Snap EDR Standard agents in a one to many or many to one replication environment.
Security Snap EDR agents provide strong authentication utilizing digital certificates. Employ up to 256-bit over-the-wire encryption with digital signatures for proof of delivery.
Buy This Product If...
You need to share your data across multiple business locations as well as protect it in the event of a disaster
With This Product You Can...
  • Automatically and securely replicate data between your SnapServers or your Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh systems

  • Conveniently share data between your business locations – across the hall or across the globe

  • Consolidate your data to a central SnapServer and/or distribute to multiple remote locations

  • Protect your data in the event of a disaster and ensure that you are back up and running quickly

  • Implement and manage Snap EDR directly through GuardianOS