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Building upon our foundation of storage expertise and relentless innovation, Overland offers a powerful set of software tools that help you to store, manage, and protect your data with greater ease and power. Whether you’re integrating a new SnapScale X2 cluster into your Windows domain, sending or receiving data across multiple locations, or viewing the current status of all your Overland devices, our software is simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and effective for the task.

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Protection OS™ for REO® Series VTL

Product Description

Overland’s Protection OS™ software, included with all REO Series™ Disk-Based Backup and Recovery Appliances, provides users with an intelligent and flexible platform designed to deliver fast, reliable data backup and recovery while reducing operating costs. Protection OS delivers a core set of volume and device virtualization, management and connectivity features that give you increased flexibility and ease of use. For tape users, REO seamlessly integrates into your existing backup infrastructure by emulating the tape libraries and drive formats you already use. You will quickly and efficiently create virtual tapes for compliance, disaster recovery or archive. Restore at the speed of disk- even when physical tapes are not present, and easily manage your REO from anywhere in the world.

Also built-in to Protection OS is Overland’s patent-pending Dynamic Virtual Tape™ (DVT) technology, which ensures that you get maximum storage efficiency from your REO VTL. With DVT, you can create virtual tape cartridges that automatically expand or shrink to match the exact capacity requirements of the backup operation. As a result, no capacity is wasted and you eliminate the manual effort and guesswork of sizing, configuring, provisioning, and deleting virtual tape cartridges.

Flexible Functionality Configure your REO as a virtual tape library, stand-alone virtual tape drives and/or disk volumes (LUNs)
Performance When configured as virtual tape, data is written sequentially and in large blocks for fast, reliable backup and recovery operations
Easy Integration Compatible with all popular open systems or Windows-based backup software, compatible physical tape drives or libraries, and easily connects to Ethernet (iSCSI) or Fibre Channel (FC) networks for seamless integration into existing backup environments.
Tape Library
Define up to 32 virtual tape drives, 512 virtual tape cartridges, and 6 partitions
Tape Drive Emulation
& Disk Volumes
Define up to 64 stand-alone virtual tape drives and/or disk volumes (LUNs)
Dynamic Virtual
Automatically expands or shrinks virtual tape capacity to match the exact requirements of the backup operation
Buy This Product If...
All REO Series VTL Appliances
With This Product You Can...
  • Complete backups faster and more reliably

  • Recover at the speed of disk

  • Implement your REO as a virtual tape library or as a set of virtual tape drives and/or disk volumes (LUNs)

  • Maximize storage efficiency with Dynamic Virtual Tape™ technology

  • Integrate right out-of-the-box with popular backup applications

  • Retain current backup operations and procedures

  • Connect via FC or iSCSI