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Building upon our foundation of storage expertise and relentless innovation, Overland offers a powerful set of software tools that help you to store, manage, and protect your data with greater ease and power. Whether you’re integrating a new SnapScale X2 cluster into your Windows domain, sending or receiving data across multiple locations, or viewing the current status of all your Overland devices, our software is simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and effective for the task.

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GuardianOS™ for SnapServer NAS

Product Description

GuardianOS is the ideal NAS platform for business. Unlike consumer NAS offerings that are optimized for MP3 and photo storage, GuardianOS is purpose-built to provide the business-grade reliability and out-of-the-box integration needed to work with today's business applications and infrastructure. Powering the SnapServer NAS line, the award-winning GuardianOS has over a decade of the proven stability, expertise and innovation you can rely on.

This flexible, cost effective platform allows you to scale seamlessly as your capacity, performance and number of SnapServers grow. Because SnapServers attach directly to the network, they install in minutes and are easily deployed without application downtime. You can consolidate systems by creating file- and block-level volumes on a single device. And centralized management combined with a comprehensive set of data protection tools reduces the time and resources required to manage your storage.

Base Operating System Derived from a Linux 2.6 Kernel
File System Type XFS with enhancements
Management Interface Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI), SSH-Based Command Line Interface (CLI)
RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
Block Protocol Support iSCSI
Windows Integration Microsoft Active Directory, NTLM v2, Kerberos v5, VSS/VDS for iSCSI LUNs
Notable Features
Data Protection
BitTorrent® Sync
Replication w/Snap EDR™
Integrated Backup to VTL or Tape
System Management
Multi-system Management with SnapServer Manager™
Volume-Based Quotas
Dynamic Home Directories
Instant Capacity Expansion
Command Line Interface
SNMP and Email Alerts
NTP Support
System Cloning
Network Load Balancing
UPS Support
Automated Update Notification
Data Migration Tool
Web Server Support
Print Server Support
Integrated Anitvirus Software
Supported Platforms
Buy This Product If...
All SnapServer NAS Appliances
With This Product You Can...
  • Sync data across SnapServers, desktop clients and mobile devices with BitTorrent® Sync

  • Easily configure, manage, and monitor your SnapServer(s) from anywhere in the world

  • Effortlessly move data to your SnapServer with the built-in data migration tool

  • Share data across Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh platforms

  • Maintain established security and permissions across platforms

  • Automatically create a home directory for each user

  • Store block and file-based data in the same system

  • Support VMware virtualized environments

  • Protect your data with RAID, snapshots, and replication

  • Scale volumes instantly, without performance degredation

  • Automate routine tasks with the Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • Backup to Disk, VTL, or Tape