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               Enterprise File Sync & Share
Your Cloud. Your Data. On Your Terms.

SnapSync™ is a simple, secure enterprise class file sync and share solution that enables unlimited access to content on any device, from anywhere and is deployed on SnapServer or SnapCLOUD.

Get Data On-The-Go. Secure access to private confidential data on any platform, anytime, anywhere

Collaborate Securely: Control access at granular level with protection against lost or stolen devices

Centralized IT Control: Data managed by IT and protected against data loss due to system failures

Data On-the-Go

Get Data On-The-Go
Available on any device anytime anywhere
Data On The Go
Data On The Go Concerns with public "Box" solutions
  • Public Clouds are risky for file sharing of company-confidential data
  • No real-time updates on shared content
  • Consumes expensive data bandwidth i.e., cellular plans
Private cloud with on-premise snap storage

•  Access data securely on any platform

Fast, real-time data updates

•  Super-fast real time data updates from the peers closest with peer-to-peer technology

Simple, intelligent and selective data updates

•  Preserve storage by selectively synching files

•  Save on mobile network data usage charges with intelligent sync functions

Collaborate Securely

Collaborate Securely
Share and Sync your data securely
Secure Your Data
Secure Your Data Concerns with public "Box" solutions
  • Public Clouds have links and keys that can be re-shared by anyone
  • Difficult to take away access to already shared folders
  • More prone to data theft
Data encryption

•  Owner approval for re-share folder links and keys

Fast, real-time data updates

•  Upgrade or downgrade access at anytime

•  Disconnect peers

•  De-link lost devices

Simple, intelligent and selective data updates

•  Data encrypted during transit and at-rest

•  3 level access control

Centralized IT Control

Centralized IT Control
Data managed by IT and automatically protected
Data Availability
Data Availability Concerns with public "Box" solutions
  • Enterprise Backup Solutions don’t cover endpoints
  • Backup solutions available for endpoints require data to be uploaded to third-party Cloud
Managed by IT – Shared data synced to enterprise-grade on premise NAS storage or private VM

•  Managed by IT – Shared data synced to enterprise-grade on-premise NAS storage or private VM in Microsoft Azure CLOUD

Back-up data from endpoints

•  Back-up data from endpoints – desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Fast disaster recovery and business continuity with near zero data loss

•  Rapid disaster recovery and business continuity with near zero data loss.

Technical Specifications

Endpoints Supported    OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer
Windows 7 or later
iOS 6.0 or newer
Android 2.2 or newer
Storage Supported SnapServer
Networks Supported All - WAN, LAN, mobile (3G, 4G, LTE)
Scalability Unlimited file size
Unlimited amount of storage per user
Mgmt Interface Integrated in Snap Storage GUI
Ease of Sharing Emails
QR code
Security All sync traffic between devices is encrypted with AES 128-bit cypher and a secure key of 20 bytes.
Secure Sharing Expiration deadlines on shared links
Revoke access to future updates
Read only or read write access
Access Control Folder level granularity
IT and owner user managed access control
Change access permissions at any time
Designate other users as owners
Space Saving Sync files on demand when you need them, so the precious storage on your mobile device is preserved
Disconnect folders
Bandwidth Savings With Selective Sync turned on, only placeholder files are in your system which means no constant updates over a mobile data network.
Data Protection File versioning
Deleted file archive
Second copy on Snap Storage device

Key Features

Data Mobility    Secure data access on mobile devices from enterprise NAS storage
Backup data generated on mobile devices
Collaboration    Provide controlled access to peers
Upgrade, downgrade or revoke access
Secure    Encrypted in transit
Encrypted while stored (optional)
Granular folder level access control
IT controlled    IT manages access based on business policy enforcement
Data stored on IT managed infrastructure and not uploaded on 3rd party clouds
Business Continuity    Recover data from Snap storage
Recover deleted files
Unlink stolen, lost devices to prevent data loss

Buy this product in order to...

  • Secure access to data on any device from anywhere
  • Share and sync your data securely
  • Protect data generated on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets
  • Centralized IT control