The Next Leap in Tape Storage Technology

May 14, 2012 | Posted by By Peri Grover, Director of Product Marketing

With data growing at unprecedented rates and new storage technologies continually being developed, IT administrators are always looking to balance what they need now versus what they’ll need tomorrow.  This problem is no different when it comes to deploying a tape library for long-term data backup, archive and disaster recovery needs. If you’re considering data archive, here’s what you should really be thinking about: linear tape open (LTO) technology. LTO is a high-speed, high-capacity and extremely reliable tape storage technology that‘s readily available, extremely cost-effective and super compact – perfect for long-term storage of corporate data.

As a leader in data storage technologies and solutions, Overland Storage was first to announce the availability of LTO-5 tape libraries with the launch of LTO-5 in the NEO E-Series enterprise-class solutions in Feb. 2010. A few months later, we announced expanded support for LTO-5 across our entire NEO Series tape libraries. As LTO technology evolves with more speed and features, next-generation LTO technology integration continues to be a priority for us.

The next big thing in LTO: LTO-6

Proposed LTO-6 tape cartridges include capacity of up to a whopping 8TB (compared with 3TB for LTO-5), and high-speed tape drive data transfer rates of up to 525MB/s (compared with 280MB/s for LTO-5).  That’s in addition to features already included with LTO-5, such as the exciting LTFS technology that enables tape to have the “drag and drop” functionality of disk and provide faster access to data, encryption to help protect data in transit and Write Once Read Many (WORM) support to help address data security and compliance needs.

More capacity, faster speeds, more features … tape continues to bring to market exciting new advances in technology.

Even though LTO-6 is not here yet, and there are a ton of folks out there still using LTO-3 and LTO-4, moving to LTO-5 would be the first step for them. They’ll experience huge increases in storage capabilities at a reasonable cost, and will still be on the stepping-stones to move to LTO-6 when they’re ready. And if you’re one of those folks who need the benefits of LTO-6, don’t worry, we’ll be there the minute LTO-6 is available to help you make the leap to storage capacities of up to 8PB and data transfer speeds of up to 43TB/hr!

The important thing to remember is that LTO gives you and your company a versatile roadmap that can take you through years and years of your data storage needs. It will help you store more data, get to it faster and more reliably and give you the best cost of ownership now and over time.

Proposed LTO Eight-Generation Roadmap

Proposed LTO Eight-Generation Roadmap

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