Supporting Cutting Edge Experiments With Long Term Storage Solutions

April 12, 2012 | Posted by By Andy Walsky, EMEA VP of Sales

ALBAWe hear from companies every day who are facing the challenge of growing amounts of data and need to find a cost-effective and secure solution for storing all that data. With data center space being finite compared to the infinite ability for data to grow, companies must find a solution that will stand the test of time.

Recently, we worked with one of our Spanish partners, Flytech, to help Alba Synchrotron, a research and light facility based in Barcelona Spain, address its growing storage demands.

ALBA Synchrotron allows scientists from all over the world to carry out cutting-edge experiments across all scientific fields, from material stress tests in manufacturing to bone growth analysis. With each detector at ALBA able to produce up to 300MB/per second of raw data, and with tests lasting several minutes at a time, there is an enormous amount of data output per experiment. The facility is designed to run up to 30 experiments simultaneously, so data management and growth are a constant challenge.

Companies such as ALBA that continually produce large amounts of data need to ensure that their storage solution will be effective for both near term and long term storage requirements.  The top three deployment considerations are the ability to expand storage as needed, provide long term storage that makes data accessible when needed, and ensure data security at all times.

When ALBA first began running experiments, they quickly reached capacity on the two primary storage clusters they had purchased. After careful consideration and with help from Flytech, ALBA selected an Overland eight-drive LTO5-based NEO 8000e tape library in partnership with a digital archiving and backup solution from Atempo, now part of ASG Software . With the ability to effortlessly expand to meet changing data storage needs and provide high data availability, redundancy and serviceability, the NEO 8000e is an ideal solution for large, data intensive environments that need a disk to tape solution.

By doing long-term data storage on tape, ALBA is able to keep current information that is accessed often on their disk storage and archived data on less expensive tape for simplified expandability. The result? More space and accelerated performance for new data that’s coming in.

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